WiseAir has a vast variety of compressed air products, all manufactured to the highest standard of quality and European CE marked for product safety combining quality and reliability with great value for money. WiseAir supplies an industrial products group with a global reputation in the compressed air treatment industry for providing customers with the latest technology producing superior results. WiseAir is committed to delivering sustainable air treatment solutions for increased customer productivity and energy savings.

The right compressed air treatment products will help you keep your air compressors performing at their best. Choose from a huge selection of Refrigeration Air Dryer, filters, oil/water separators and much more to keep your air lines from collecting moisture or freezing up. WiseAir improves your system productivity, efficiency and quality with the right compressed air treatment products.

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Refrigeration Air Dryer
Refrigeration Air Dryer
Water Separator
In-line Filteration
Solenoid Valve

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